What is myClaimStatus?

A claim status automation service that provides robust claim reports weeks sooner than remittance (835) is received. These reports allow providers to begin to work problematic claims days after claim submission and to remove any promise pay claims from work queues. This information is usable, unique information from payors that eliminates the need for follow-up staff to ever go to payor web portals and significantly reduces time on the phone with payors.


How does myClaimStatus work?

Using providers’ claim submissions (837 files), myClaimStatus will interrogate payor web portals to locate claim adjudication information as soon as it is available. The data is then uploaded daily to providers’ account management systems.


How is myClaimStatus better than a standard 277?

Standard 277 status information is inadequate to work claims, providing limited information. myClaimStatus providers receive every piece of information that is available on a payor web portal such as unique payor remark codes and text down to the claim line level.


How long does myClaimStatus take to set-up?

Set-up can be completed in as little as weeks. myClaimStatus is a service, and not a new software installation, and therefore can have new clients up and running quickly.


What are the benefits of myClaimStatus?

  • A/R days reduced.
  • Denials reduced up to 30%
  • Increased cash on hand
  • Improved staff efficiency and reallocation to revenue generating activities
  • Increased patient collections