Medical Payment Exchange, Inc. (MedX) was founded in 2013 to help providers relieve the cash flow pressures resulting from the delay in payor payments and the increase in patient responsibilities. Located in Rockville, Maryland, MedX has developed RCM technologies that allow providers to review accelerated, actionable claim statuses of medical claims on average 30 days in advance of the payor remittance files and payments. They offer daily actionable reports for follow-up staff to reduce the administrative burden of working healthcare claims and accelerate cash flow. In addition, MedX offers cash advances to hospitals on both the payor and patient’s responsibilities. They are currently advancing over $13 million a month to providers through relationships with hospitals, health systems, and medical groups.

The MedX team has a long history of developing successful technology-enabled companies that improve quality, increase productivity, and reduce costs in the administration of healthcare. Our people have extensive experience building organizations that provide value in untapped areas in the health insurance, health care delivery and information technology fields.

MedX by the Numbers