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Medical Payment Exchange, Inc. (MPE) is dedicated to solving challenges that stand in the way of a provider’s financial success. As a healthcare technology company, we develop tech-enabled solutions to reduce a provider’s administrative burden and improve their financial position. We innovated how revenue cycle management is done through robotic process automation and cloud-based analytics. The complex rules, difficult reimbursement calculations, and expensive arbitration introduced in the No Surprises Act created set of new challenges for providers that threaten financial stability. We developed NSA Navigator to make it easy for providers to manage NSA claims and ensure fair reimbursement. Our platform empowers providers by accurately identifying NSA-eligible claims, intelligently calculating Qualified Payment Amounts (QPAs) to identify fair reimbursement amounts, and flagging claims worthy of dispute. Providers get full support with appeal filing, negotiation, and defense of reimbursement requests. If an agreement cannot be reached, MPE manages Independent Dispute Resolution (IDR) filing and arbitration requirements. MPE is your partner to ensure you are being properly reimbursed on cases subject to NSA and Surprise Billing regulation.